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Beginners of wine tourism in Serbia``NIKA`` Winery

Situated among the vineyards, immersed into the unique Župa’s landscape, our winery is an inimitable project in which we have managed to combine the spirit of old times with parts of modern architecture. Using old, natural materials for construction, the winery preserves the spirit of tradition, but it also got a new, modern face.

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Enjoy the specific taste of our wines. Surprise your palate with the varieties Prokupac, Rhine Riesling and Nutmeg Hamburg …

White wine ``Prznica``

  • Wine descriptionLight golden colour, rich with subtle fruit aroma of ripe apples, fresh with harmoniously incorporated acids. Chilled 10-12 degrees, it gives a wide possibility of pairing with various types of food, salads, cheeses and white fish.
  • Alcohol percentage12,5%
  • Grape VarietyRhine Riesling

Rose wine ``Magic Circle``

  • Wine DescriptionIntense pink colour, muscat aroma, rich harmony of cherry and strawberry flavours, with long elegant finish. Chilled to 12 degrees, it is a perfect partner for cheese, chicken, pasta and sea fish.
  • Alcohol percentage11%
  • Grape VarietyNutmeg Hamburg

Red wine ``Prokupac``

  • Wine DescriptionDark red colour, taste of berries and prunes, with delicate tannins - harmoniously integrated. Earthy aroma of Župa’s land and the vine itself, makes it suitable for pairing with red meat, old cheeses and river fish.
  • Alcohol percentage13%
  • Grape VarietyProkupac

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Vineyards stretch over 9 hectares of land, with new and old plantations of Prokupac (which is a domestic grape variety), Rhine Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, as well as table grape varieties such as: Cardinal, Muscat Hamburg, Muscat Italia and Victoria.

At the foothill of the vineyards there are two artificial lakes, build for the purpose of irrigation, as well as large reservoirs that collect rainwater and contribute to saving the water and saving the planet.


how it all started...Family Business

Our family is now traditionally engaged in viticulture. the skill and secrets that adorn this craft have been passed from generation to generation for many years by now among members of Nikolić family. The recognizable quality of our products and satisfaction of our customers are two main motives that drive our family members since the foundation of our winery.


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