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We make wine since 2010.About Us

Surrounded by vineyards, unique by its architecture combining modern and rustic style, our winery is made using old natural building materials and keeping the traditional look – common for Župa region.

Vineyards stretch over 9 hectares of land, with new and old plantations of Prokupac (which is a domestic grape variety), Rhine Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, as well as table grape varieties such as: Cardinal, Muscat Hamburg, Muscat Italia and Victoria.

At the foothill of the vineyards there are two artificial lakes, build for the purpose of irrigation, as well as large reservoirs that collect rainwater and contribute to saving the water and saving the planet.


Nature in a glass.


Man is always present, regardless of mechanisation and new technologies, to cultivate the vineyard with his own hand and to give his contribution to the nature and to the emergence of a miraculous drink in a glass.

03Our trace in time

The book of impressions, with impressions of our guests from over 60 countries, is richer every day with new experiences and unforgettable faces… Thanks to them, our story travels the world.

meet our familyWine Producers

Great-grandfather Jovan planted the first vine not far from our vineyard more than 100 years ago. He nurtured it with love and watered it with sweat with help of grandfather Vukasin, who continued the tradition. Now the whole Župa region grows vineyards. Every household, even a little part for it’s pleasure and health.

That day, when I wanted to return to the area where I was born, I dreamed of a vine from my
grandfather’s vineyard. And it continued, day after day, until I planted my first vine and made my dream come true. That is my life motto. That’s what makes me happy. That is the motto of our winery.

In the morning when the new day is born, and the morning blush shines over new vineyards, first vines of my daughter, she makes her dreams come true… happy. Life goes on. SAŠA NIKOLIĆ


Saša Nikolić


Katarina Nikolić

Sanitary ecological engineer

Sladjana Nikolić